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We strive to empower farmers and entrepreneurs, with the right drive and ground breaking ideas, to produce more food and create jobs, in harmony with the environment.


Development Focus Areas :

  • FARMING support for farming best practices that enhances the productivity of small holder farmers..
  • AGRO INDUSTRY support for growth and expansion across agricultural value chain for job and wealth creation.
  • ENVIRONMENT climate change, renewable energy and Water.

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. What is “WeFundAgro”?

Agro Enterprise Funding and Support program dubbed “WefundAgro” is a program of AgroPaths Development Initiative, a registered nonprofit organisation in Nigeria committed to the improvement of livelihoods through farming and agro industry development for increased income generation, food security, job creation and poverty alleviation towards the attainment of the SDGs. “WefundAgro” is providing innovative platforms that enable small-holders mostly farmers and agro processors, to make targeted savings, access resources, build networks, sponsor and setup solid agro enterprises as owners and enjoy an unlimited return on Investment (ROI) that guarantees steady income for improved livelihood.

What is the Community of Savers for Agricultural Development (CSAD)?

The Community of Savers for Agricultural Development, CSAD, is the umbrella savings group for all those who are participating in the WeFundAgro program for the purpose of co-ordination and networking. Any eligible person interested in saving funds to sponsor an enterprise under the WeFundAgro program is enrolled into this community. However those not interested to save for now can still enroll to benefit from the other components of the community.

What other benefits do i get for joining CSAD

Benefits of joining CSAD include;  Access to a free savings platform.  Access to funding opportunities for your agribusiness enterprise or project.  Training opportunities for a wide range of agribusiness sectors.  Mentoring opportunities.  Networking opportunities  Idea exchange.  Opportunities for co- creation, co-investment and co-working space  Business Development Support (Legal, IP, Branding etc)  Market Access  Agro Information services. ( market linkages, weather, inputs etc)  Financial literacy  Access to expert sessions  Opportunities for Trade visits, business tours, conferences, seminars, exhibitions etc  Access to our highly censored online groups.  Access to our Special Target Savings Scheme (STaSS) where you can save to sponsor an enterprise for co-ownership.

What is Special Target Savings Scheme (STaSS)?

The Special Target Savings Scheme, STaSS, is a specific project savings scheme that is designed for savers under a project of choice to meet their specific savings targets or funding goal.

Who can participate in this program?

Low income earners particularly small holder farmers and processors, underserved groups of persons, physically challenged, displaced persons, vulnerable and marginalized groups or persons, unemployed persons etc. Children can take part under trust provided the sponsor commit to use the expected proceed from the enterprise for the upkeep of the child and to hand over full control of shareholding to them at the age of majority.

Where can i learmn more about WeFundAgro

Visit or email or call +2347054566664.



Agro Funding & Support Program dubbed “WeFundAgro” is a social innovation program providing support to base of pyramid persons to form networks and build solid agro based enterprises through co-creation and collaboration.

Farm Access

FarmAccess is a digital and physical platform that enables access of small holder farmers and agro processors to life changing interventions such as extension and information services, quality inputs and products and micro finance to maximize yield and income.

Schools Agro Enterprise

ADI is supporting schools to establish Model Agro Enterprise that will training for agro skills acquisition and to generate income for self-sustenance, expansion and to fund the activities of the schools farmers’ club.